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Anatomy of a Properly Built Shower

To provide a lower quote, many contractors will simply install tile over Wonder Board, or worse....drywall.

We refer to this as "lick and stick" and never install shower tile this way.

Instead, we install wire mesh over waterproof paper, followed by floating the walls with cement before applying the tile

Be sure to watch the video on the Projects page showing why our approach is the only way your shower should be constructed.

The steps of our procedure...

Tub / Shower combo "before"

After Demo


Concrete is cut to relocate new drain, dam is built
and framing is installed for new window

We "hot mop" our pan, a procedure using tar paper and hot tar,
guaranteeing many years of leak free service. The pan is then filled
with water and sits overnight to test for leaks to be sure it's water-tight


New valves are installed and we raised the shower head.
In this case, the handles were moved to the opposite
side of the shower. Insulation is also installed

Setting up for the next steps...

A water proof paper is installed integrated with wire mesh
in preperation of the "floating" of the walls with cement

Wire and paper installation completed


Mixing the "mud" in preperation of floating the walls

The first coat of cement is referred to as the "scratch" coat


Scratch coat finished. If you look close you may be able to
see the lines which are scrached into the first coat of cement

Once the first coat dries, the "brown" coat is applied. This second
coat is applied in a manner which assures plumb and flat surfaces


Brown coat finished

Once brown coat is dry, the tile begins to be installed


In this design, a decorative ribbon is applied

The design is also incorperated in the floor


The tile is finished, grouted and sealed

This bathroom remodel is finished and a beautiful transformation


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