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Anatomy of a "Hot Mopped" Shower Pan

Three options for a shower pan

1. Install a simple vinyl shower pan = ugly & looks cheap

2. Build the shower pan out of vinyl sheeting = short lifetime & susceptible to leaking

An Example of how OTHER contractors CUT CORNERS & build their vinyl sheeting shower pans

(or) do it the right way as we do....

3. Build a shower dam and "Hot Mop" it

We build the new shower pan from scratch, use the "Hot Mop" method
and create a shower pan which will last for many, many years without any problems.

You can see by the steps below that there is a great deal of effort in building a quality shower pan.
We don't cut corners and invest the time to build your pan to last.

The steps of our procedure...

New shower dam is built

Beginning to lay heavy asphalt sheeting





The heavy asphalt sheeting is laid in a special over lapping pattern to slope toward the drain

Layers of tar paper being cut

Tar paper for the shower floor is cut and fitted

Hot tar is applied to the asphalt sheeting floor and on the dam before the tar paper is re-installed





The pan walls are then hot mopped with hot tar

A special material is placed over critical seams


Finally, a thick coat of tar is applied to all surfaces



The shower pan is filled with water to be sure it's water tight

The water is left in overnight for inspection
(we have never failed the inspection)


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